Our People are Hot too!

Our unique team are hand-picked for their passion and our warm welcome is just the beginning of what we hope will be a long and happy friendship. Entertainment from start to finish.

Scott Doe Alt

Chris Hogan

General Manager

Flame Favourite: Mozambique Prawns

Having spent 15 years pursuing a career in international resort management, with kids reaching schooling age Chris and his family decided to make Queenstown home in 2011.  Being a keen skier and hiker, the move has met all of his expectations and Queenstown is now well and truly home. This move was further reinforced when he joined the Flame team. Currently he can't wait to see what 2022 brings - with Flame and his emerging Rally Car Racing career! Don't expect to see him at Flame on powder days.

Shane Avant

Executive Consultant Chef

Flame Favourite: 55 day aged beef fillet with peppercorn sauce.

Shane is an international, award winning kiwi executive chef. He has spent the last 25 years honing his craft in high end, luxury kitchens all over the world. After training In NZ  - Shane cut his teeth at some of New Zealand’s most iconic restaurants, under some of the greatest chef mentors. Shane’s extraordinary skill and passion then took him from New Zealand to Australia, Fiji, France, Maldives, UK and Japan. He won international awards- representing his country and the Asia-Pacific region. No small feat. His style is based in the classics, but with a modern palette and international influence. His flavours are bold, while always respecting tradition.

Charlie Wheeler

Restaurant Manager

Charlie has been in Senior leadership roles in Hospitality for the over 8 years, both in the UK, Australia and more recently New Zealand. Charlie arrived in NZ in 2020 and quickly became an integral part of the Flame launch into the Steamer Wharf and our management team. His passion for this industry revolves around fast paced, high-quality, high-volume dining venues which consistently strive to be the best. Flame and Charlie are a perfect fit!

Bellamy Doe Alt

Jason Singh

Head Chef

Flame Favourite: Rib Eye on the Bone

Jason decided he wanted to be a chef as a child and has been following his dream since. He moved to New Zealand from India in 2015 to achieve his goal to be a famous chef of a well known restaurant.  Jason immediately trained as Chef and has been smiling in restaurant kitchens ever since.  Jason loves food, loves Flame and loves people -  always laughing and happy. In fact, you can't miss him - he is the one working at the pass with a big grin on his face . Hopefully Flame will help him find his Fame!

Richard Roe Alt

Shane Cantrell

Production Manager

Flame Favourite: Rib Eye Steak

Chef Shane Cantrell's deep appreciation for cuisine was developed at a young age growing up in Ireland where he was exposed to a variety of foods that would fuel his life long passion for cooking. Shane has been a chef for over 15 years with the last 7 spent at Flame.  Shane believes that every meal should be an occasion. As someone who possesses a real passion for great food and a refusal to accept second best, Shane thrives in busy fast paced environments and always maintains the highest culinary standards even when under severe pressure in the hussle and heat of the Flame kitchen. Shane relaxes with good friends, good Guiness and Garth Brooks!

Frances Conner

Business Manager

Flame Favourite: Fillet Steak and Mushroom Sauce

Starting 30 years ago in the industry, managing a restaurant here in Queenstown on the Mall, Frances is a true veteran of the early days of hospitality in Queenstown. For the last 10 years Frances has been a true part of the fabric of Flame and is indeed the most loved ! Oh....and she likes tequila too!

Jonathan Bisley


Flame Favourite: Chicken Caeser Salad

Trained in London as a chef, after working in restaurants, Jonathan returned to NZ and set up a catering business in Auckland - feeding over 500,000 people in 1 year alone. Never one to sit still, Jonathan was founder of The Good Taste Company - answering the need for pre-prepared, great tasting, restaurant quality products for consumers. Fast forward 20 years after selling The Good Taste Company and then working with international supermarket chains building food and meat manufacturing solutions, Jonathan and his wife Lou moved to Queenstown, following their combined dream of living amongst the mountains. Jonathan's passionate pursuit of quality and excellence keeps him awake at night but keeps the Flame fire burning bright!

Lou McDowell


Flame Favourite: Mushroom Sauce....on everything!

Soon after moving to Queenstown, Lou was taken to Flame by a friend  and was so impressed by the experience said to Jonathan, if ever there was a restaurant in Queenstown that we wanted to own - Flame would be it. Be careful what you wish for.......and by 2016, the wish materialised. A self confessed serial entrepreneur, Lou is Jonathan's wingman at Flame, closely working over all areas of the business, stoking the fire and lovingly honouring its legacy. 

Tommy Hardes

Special Mention

Flame Favourite: Sunny Burger with Roqueford Sauce & Bacon

Tommy has been cooking since he trained in traditional french fine dining in 1994. Tommy has truly worked as a chef all over the globe - France, Greece, Germany, Thailand, Australia as well as luxury yachts and cruise lines. Fortunately he travelled to Queenstown and firmly landed his feet at Flame in 2011 was a force in Flame until recently. Tommys philosophy on food is all about providing good quality food at a good price to everyday people - Flame to a tee! Tommy ran the Flame kitchen for many years but still has a special place in the heart and spark of Flame.

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