Where to find the best steak in Queenstown

Where to find the best steak in Queenstown

When it comes to Steak in Queenstown there’s no shortage of options out there – but if you are a true steak lover - only the best will do! Featuring award winning Rib Eye and Fillet steaks, Flame Bar and Grill is one of the best restaurants in Queenstown to experience the perfect steak.


The Story

After an exhaustive search for the best steak cuts of premium Beef, Flame has partnered with Alliance Meats and the HANDPICKED 55 Day Aged Beef brand. This premium Beef is the result of two noble pursuits –marbling and ageing. Typically born on rolling hill country our beef are free to graze on a mixture of pastures such as ryegrass and clover. 

There is no grain feeding and minimal human intervention to natural exercise and grazing habits. To achieve the high marbling score from a natural grass- fed diet usually takes time so our beef is traditionally raised to 24-36 months of age. Then highly experienced, Arguably obsessive master butchers search for the very finest animals. Only the very best make the grade (less than 10%). They hand select on ACTUAL meat quality attributes, not breed, refusing to be swayed by the perceived attributes of any particular breed (indeed experts will tell you there is more variation within a single herd than between breeds). Meat with only a 4+ marbling score are selected and provide the all-important flavour and succulence.  Once the meat is selected, extreme wet ageing of 55 days for specific cuts such as sirloin, fillet and ribeye to provide unprecedented levels of tenderness. HANDPICKED 55 Day Aged Beef has a well-balanced but milder beef flavour profile + bodied with succulent, buttery notes imparted by the elevated marbling and a pleasant mineral, flinty finish. All this effort was recently recognised at the World Steak Challenge in the UK our steaks took out Gold and Silver awards.



At Flame, you can have absolute confidence in the consistency, quality and popular taste profile of this extremely limited production, super premium product. Flame anphansteaks are then basted in our secret basting sauce and then cooked to temperature of your choice over hot flames – giving our steaks a truly unique flavour.

Yes, we are proud of our Steak and we are regularly told by our customers that our Steaks are some of the best steaks they have ever taste (you’ll understand when you try it!). Just take a look at our over 3000 Five star reviews on Trip Advisor. Our menu is at the heart of everything we do but it is more than just steaks. Try getting sticky with our world-famous Ribs! Basted in our unique sticky rib sauce and flame grilled to perfection, you will be back for more. From the freshest seafood and tender skewered meats to vibrant seasonal salads there’s something to please every taste. Mozambique Prawns, Peri Peri chicken, great Burgers including our very own Sunny Burger - Flame is so much more than the favourite Queenstown steak house.

Find out for yourself why Flame Bar and Grill has a reputation for being the best Queenstown Steakhouse– make a reservation today

Posted by Flame Grill on March 04, 2020

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